Company Overview

Founded in 1970 our family business has an unwavering pledge to maintain the procedures necessary to produce the finest
Pita Bread in Canada. Our unique combination of master bakers, automation and line staff allows us to turn fine ingredients in exceptional baked goods while maintaining the best price in the market.

Our insistance on superior quality is the corner stone of our company. We invite you to share the taste of great
Mediterranean traditions.

We are HACCP Approved

A Family Business

In the early year's the family business operated from a 1000 sq.ft bakery, making approximately 500 pita's a day. Founder Aref (Eric) Yehia started the Haddad Bakery pita bread brand with two pita variations; Haddad Bakery Large and Small Pita's.

In the early 1990's Erics sons where introduced to the family run pita bakery business. Mike and Daniel took the values and principles they learned from their early years in the business, and propelled it to brand new hieghts. With Mike working as the companies Sales Director and Daniel as the Production Manager, the two brothers introduced new pita concepts and diversified their product lineup.

You can find Haddad Bakery Pita Bread at anyone of the following Grocery Stores

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